Frequently Asked Questions

To get started simply click on "Get Started" on the MAIN MENU or click on the link

Yourtimepays Platform is a Social Empowerment Platform where every Registered, Subscribed User is guaranteed funds for the time spent on the platform. 

The Activities Includes "Viewing Adverts", Completing Simple Tasks, Completing Daily Surveys, Shopping products and lots more.

You can simply try out our Advert Viewing Now by visiting View Advertisement 


Get Started now by Registering through the link Register Now

You can within just 5 minutes of Registration by choosing a Subscription package that suits your budget.

You can make up to N1,200 daily from "Viewing Advertisments", over N200 for Completing simple Tasks and Surveys and lots of ways to make more money.

Simply "Get Started", Choose a "Subscription" and earn.

You just took the first step by Registering, Next you choose a "Subscription" to gain Access to the "Account Section".

Click on the link "Subscribe Now" to get a Subscription.

Registration is Absolutely FREE!

However, you will need to choose a "Subscription" to fully Benefit from the Platform.

You can view the Available Packages and benefits by follwing the link

After Subsribing and Gain Access to the "My Account Section" you will be instructed on where to input your Account details.

NOTE: First Day earning are automatically paid into your Bank Account on Withdrawal Request.

The Yourtimepays Platform is a 100% secure Platform. The Platform has a End User License the Secures all Information, data and also provide a 2FA (2-Factor Authentification) for the use of your "Account".

You can find out more by visiting our "Privacy Policy" Section on the website.

You can find the Terms of Usage in the "Terms & Condition" Section of the Website.

The Yourtimepays Platform was started since October, 2016 and has used strategic and sustainable mechanism to create a long-lasting sustainability plan. 

You can view the "Sustainability Plan" by click on the link

Other Packages includes:

  1. Own one of our state of our Sleek Cars. [More Information Soon]
  2. Own a Gadget at a 60% discount. [More Information soon]
  3. Receive skill acquisition training and business funding. [More Information soon]
  4. Own a Blog / Website.

For Old Users the former database has been reset to a new one.

However, you data has been store and "Pending Payouts" has been listed in

You can get your "Old Account Section" ONLY when you Re-subscribe.


We are sorry for such as due to human factor there can be certain ommisions.

Click on the link

Payment has commenced in various batches. 

Click on the link to get a complete information and a payment schdule.

You can simply:

Call 09028030000 


WhatsApp us on 09028030000

It means you are listed as an Investor. Investors will get paid certain sums dependent on you pending earnings from November 1, 2020.

Find out more by visiting

As an Old Users you get a 50% Subscription cost for all Subscription from Gold and Above.

To Re-subscribe, call 09028030000 or send a WhatsApp message to 09028030000

If you successfully made an Application for the "Own A Car" scheme. Call 09028030000 now!

Open a Ticket now by click on

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